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Tragedy and Transfers

Mature Firms consider contingencies. Good Partners create continuation plans for both their Business Family and their Family at Home. We can help design and implement with efficiency a buy-sell agreement that works!

Buy-sell agreements are encouraged for any quality contingency transition plan. Our team works through this process with you, customizing a plan to fit your personal needs. If premature death hits the company with tragedy, we will see that ownership is passed along to best suit the company. This very difficult situation can be made a bit easier with proper planning. We want to make sure your company is taken care of no matter what.


What if one of your top executives wasn’t there tomorrow?

Life is unpredictable and, in the case that you did not have them by your side, it is important to have a strategy. Take care of the expense of finding a new high level employee and the price of lost business with a Key Person plan. We can carefully design an insurance policy that keeps business moving after tragedy strikes.