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CORE Benefits

Every company has a baseline of benefits used to enhance the compensation package for all employees.

Typically these include:  MEDICAL, DENTAL, VISION, GROUP LIFE, STD/LTD (Short and Long Term Disability)

These benefits while discretionary, have become almost requisite in a competitive marketplace.

We focus on Consumption Plans (pay as you go) to help employers provide the most cost efficient plans available.

The MEDICAL PLAN is the single most expensive benefit provided by employers.

Our approach gives a fighting chance in combating out of control increases coupled with deteriorating benefits.

When properly implemented our clients can provide first dollar coverage without spending frivolously or irresponsibly.

This translates to a well received intelligent platform that is below the peer group costing while providing superior benefits.

And of most importance By using ONLINE TECHNOLOGY our clients and their employees enjoy seamless transition from the INDEED APPLICANT to ON-BOARDING to BENEFITS ENROLLMENT to PTO, 1095's and a host of other COMPLIANCE deliverable's that eliminates paper, mistakes and duplication of system entries.


HDHP or CDHP with HRA or HSA



This approach allows employers to purchase "less" insurance from the carrier without compromising benefits to employees. Through the addition of HRA or HSA we upgrade the benefit level being bought but only pay for what is used...  This results in a significant cost savings without watering down benefits.



Through this approach we can buy the highest co-pay plan from your carrier of choice.

By using a modified HRA approach we can significantly lower the co-pays back to levels of much more expensive plans giving the best of both worlds...

Great Benefits and Great Costs.



This approach is what all fortune 100 companies use. Through a "self insured" platform the employer only pays for actual claims and a drastically reduced admin portion.

Through special coverage known as stop loss the employers maximum costs can be identified leaving the administrator with a clear view to plan costs, utilization and potential improvements. This approach is for larger employers and offers tremendous flexibility and cash flow advantages.


Reference Based Pricing

This approach provides a real opportunity for larger employers who wish to create a 3 to 5 year strategy that significantly reduces the medical claim spend. Advanced Imaging, Hospital Stays, RX are the culprit of unbelievable mark ups. Through RPB, claim costs can be dramatically reduced saving the employer tremendous expense. This also removes any network requirements for the employees offering tremendous employee freedom. 

THIS IS THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE. Spectacular approach for maximum savings and employee satisfaction.

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