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Supplemental Employee Retirement Plans

Supplemental Employee Retirement Plans (SERPs) are a way to increase company loyalty and honor the accomplishments of the top performers. 

Need a great way to retain your best employees in a way that adapts to your specific business needs? We will work closely with you to figure out the best option for your company’s particular situation.

SERPs are adaptable to you:
  • Decide which employees will receive plans

  • Use adjustable vesting schedules to fit particular employees

There are 2 major types of SERPs
  1. Defined Contribution SERP
    • With a Defined Contribution SERP, a companies are able to set aside a particular amount for their best performing employees. The level of compensation is flexible and can be based on the achievements of the company or individual to increase motivation and more effectively meet business objectives. While qualified plans have a cap on the amount companies can provide, Defined Contribution SERPs do not, making them a very appealing option.

  1. Defined Benefit SERP
    • Defined Benefit SERPs are used by companies as a commitment to pay top talent with retirement compensation. The business is in control of how much they agree to pay the employees, whether the payment is connected to a benefit formula, and which employees are included.