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Disability Insurance

A group long term disability plan could cover a mere 10% or less of one of your top employee’s annual pay!

Is that enough to take care of their needs? 


We offer Carve-out Disability Insurance 

There is a common concern amongst executives that in the case of a life-altering trauma, a significant amount of their salary will need to be put towards their care. Using Carve-out Disability Insurance, you can assure them that they will be taken care of, whatever their obstacles. They will see that their accomplishments and dedication to the company is recognized with contributions beyond their salary. Carve-out Disability Insurance also ensures that there is a clear, company-wide idea for the characteristics of a disability. Employees will be given the favorable help they need, when they need it.


Have a special situation?

There are cases, in which the standard is not enough. In some situations, a unique plan is necessary. Going somewhere with your top employees and need to be insured for the day? Maybe you have executives that require care more than group or carve-out plans can provide. Specialty Life and Disability plans keep your business and its employees covered in these scenarios.