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Has Anyone Told You That You Are a Rockstar?

Posted by Bruce Weinstein

1/30/15 9:32 AM

rockstarAre you being courted by companies for your track record of success?  Have your prospective employers told you that you are being hired because you are a rockstar?  Has your current employer told you this?

There is one way to know if you are perceived as a rockstar or if you are working for a company that has prepared to bring on a rockstar team.

Look at your benefits.  Do they make you feel special?  Have you asked if your company offers benefits to top performers that are better than the "regular" benefits?

If your company doesn't offer special benefits for top performers or key personnel, then, perhaps, it isn't the right company for a top performer.  Some companies just don't know that such programs exist.

An example of this type of program is called non qualified deferred compensation.  If you are an executive or a sales rockstar, you are probably getting paid well.  However, what happens when you are ready to slow down? Is your retirement package going to keep up with the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to?  Have you been rewarding yourself for the success in your career?

The goal is to retire and live better.  Are you on track to retire and live worse?  Did you know that the company you work for can pick and choose people to participate in such a plan? They can customize a specific plan for you.  And that they can customize a specific plan for you.

Your business owner or CEO may not know this.  If you don't have this plan and think you should, it may be a good idea to let your CEO know.  If you don't feel comfortable, please contact me and I will introduce the idea for you.

Is this the first time you have heard of this?  It is for a lot of top performers.  Most people don't understand this very simple concept.  It is usually because most companies don't have the knowledge to pull it off on their own.  These plans take working with a specialist for effective implementation.

You may deserve an a-la-carte plan.  One just for you.  Your CEO may be willing to provide it.  He may just not know how to do it.  These custom plans can include benefits like life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, and deferred compensation for your retirement.

If you want to know more about this or even have me approach your CEO, all you have to do is let me know.  The first step either way is to get in contact with one easy click.


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