Health Care Alternative... Repeal & Replace? How about this???

Posted by Bruce Weinstein

3/30/19 4:15 PM

Pay_As_You_Go.jpgWho can get us a voice???

How about this.

  1. HRA - USA every US citizen gets a $500 credit toward healthcare through a government issued credit card (which also allows tracking)
  2. Every US Citizen pays $100 toward the HRA-USA program
  3. All medal levels stay the same however first $500 MUST come from HRA- USA Bronze level is the core plan all Americans have access to with current OOP caps at $6550 per single. (this means true exposure to insured is $6,200 in shock claim scenario)
  4. All US insureds become singles for plan purposes
  5. Government becomes administrator (HRA-USA card) for reinsurance above Out of Pocket maximums
  6. Wall Street issues bond to level out shock claims on Govt. administered reinsurance   
  7. Dr.'s are offered tax credits for seeing bronze level patients at an "affordable" rate allowing access to financially challenged citizens
  8. Claim costs are transparent to all reducing UB92 claim costs (hospital, advanced imaging, designer meds, etc.) putting America in greater control of their destiny.
  9. Standardized language, access to information, and ability to increase HRA-USA subsidy through wellness initiatives                        


*  HRA - USA

This card becomes the backbone which is given to every US Citizen. It provides the first $500 of expenses toward the healthcare needs of the individual be it RX or Medical.

*  Every Insured American pays $100 toward the funding of the HRA - USA Card.

*  The current Medal Levels stay intact however each individual can choose their level on either a company sponsored platform via cost share or individually via an exchange platform.

*  All insured's become single for plan purposes.

*  Government administers reinsurance above individual OOP(out of pocket) via HRA - USA card which tracks ALL claim activity. Wall Street creates an open market bond offering for private reinsurers that sit above the $6,550 OOP maximum.

*  Government offers direct tax credits to providers that offer services to Bronze members opening care to ALL Americans.

*  Clear information regarding expensive areas in healthcare are provided allowing insureds the ability to significantly reduce cost. (UB92 claims, Complex Imaging, Tier 3 & 4 RX alternatives)

By offering insureds the education and ability to efficiently access care costs will significantly reduce.

Statistics prove high claimants are well below 10% of the population. This mass pay as you go approach with a protective back end (the reinsurance strategy) creates competition, transparency and efficiencies.

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We have worked with thousands of insureds and know the consumption approach works 100% of the time...

America needs a reset.  By going down this path everyone wins. The insured, The Carrier, The Provider.

Please share this with everyone and lets continue to mix it up.

All Americans need good healthcare the current system can't meet this goal.

Please leave your comments and help get us a VOICE!


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